Refocus your mind

Worry is a common problem for human beings.  That old saying, “Why sweat the small stuff?”……

When I look back at life before cancer I realize that I spent a lot of time worrying about things that don’t even matter.  Everything takes care of itself in time.  Problems and bumps in the road should be looked at as challenges.  They should be looked at as a game to see how quickly and in what way you will overcome these obstacles.  I still sweat the small stuff now and then, but I’m getting much better at refocusing my attention on God with my little bumps in the road. 

I have 100% faith in God and I’m completely confident that he has a plan for me.  I believe that he has saved me from cancer and I will go on to live a full life.  If I’m completely honest, I have doubts.  Not about God, but I quite often wonder if I am interpreting God correctly.  When I start to worry about my life, I know 100% that God has a plan for me, I’m just not sure what it is.  For one thing, we really don’t need to know what God’s plan is for us, and we will go crazy trying to figure it out.  We spend hours worrying when all those hours could be spent enjoying the present.  Forget about trying to figure out what Gods plan is for us.  We know that if we live our life for Christ he will be our peace and our temporary life on earth will be lived to the fullest.  He will bless us more than we ask.  Also, as long as we live our life for Christ, he will direct us without us even knowing.

I live my life in 6 month increments.  I would love to be able to plan for a long life like everyone else does.  The fact is, we all should live our lives that way.  We don’t have an expiration date posted on our foreheads, we don’t have a crystal ball.  We are not a statistic. Many people live decades longer than doctors expect and I certainly don’t plan on being one of those statistics, but if I’m wrong I know I’m in Gods’ care.

Luke 12:25  Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your day?

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