update on my dad

My dad has been doing excellent since his 2nd chemo treatment.  It’s been hard to believe he has cancer.  He tells me that this is a bit of a wake up call and realizes that he hasn’t been looking to the kingdom of God like he should be.  Since he’s been diagnosed with cancer he has read the new testament 4 times!  That’s really cool.

On the down side, yesterday was around day 10 of his chemo cycle and anyone who knows anything about chemo knows that day 10 is the worse day of the cycle in that the white blood count is at it’s lowest.  As a result, my dad was running a fever yesterday and was extremely week.  He needed help to his car after he ate lunch, then he went home and took a nap, afterwards he struggled to walk.  My mom took him back to the ER and sure enough he has a raging urinary tract infection that spread to the blood.  He’s staying in the hospital for a few days and will be treated by an infectious disease doctor.  He seems to be doing ok though, not nearly as sick as he was last month in the hospital.

Pray for my dad that we can get these infections under control.

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