Stronger than ever!

My dad came home from the hospital yesterday.  He’s doing amazingly well!  Before he was diagnosed with cancer, he was becoming increasingly weaker.  Everytime he ate, he experienced extreme pain.  After just one chemo treatment he is able to eat without pain.  The doctors want him to eat anything he wants, they just want him to gain weight.  He’s been taking full advantage, he’s been eating hamburgers everyday for the past few days, today he’s eating potatoes and eggs for breakfast.  This part of his treatment he is enjoying.  He has one good week left until next Thursday when he has his next chemo treatment.  The doctors expect he will have more bleeding with the 2nd treatment while the tumor continues to break apart, but the following treatments will be much easier.

My dad has a lot of fighting power.  The first couple of weeks was more than a person can handle and I think he shut down a for a while because it was too much to process.  He’s now excepted his diagnosis and refuses to let the cancer win.

Psalm 105:37  He brought them forth also with silver and gold; and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.

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